Regina Silvers


Women: Realizing Perspectives, March 2012

Gaia Foundation, Newark, NJ

2012 was an year when extra attention paid to women and to  political art.

A number of shows in which I participated were related to these themes.

November 2012, Art of Democracy

Sponsored by The New York Society of Etchers Art of Democracy 2012

An exhibition of Political Prints, Posters & Related Artworks

“The Sacred Gallery” 424 Broadway at Canal Street, NY, NY

Women Artists Represented, November 2012 exhibition at

Puffin Foundation “Puffin Cultural Forum”, Teaneck, NJ, featured two of my works.

#8143. Raging Grannies,

Mother’s Day at Central Park

Pastel on Paper, 24x 36’’

#78. Mink Hollow

Oil on Canvas,

Image: 48x36’’w

Joie de Vivre, July 2012 with Hullabaloo Collective,

at the PS Project Space, Chelsea, NYC

All that Jazz (Warm)

Oil on Canvas, 36 x 48’’

#8240. Don’t Iraq Iran Rally

Pastel on Paper, Image: 36x48’’w

Occupy Wall Street,

Times Square

Pastel & Acrylic,

Image: 36 x 48’’

Granny Peace Brigade Series:      

July 4th, Reading

the Constitution at Strawberry Fields

Acrylic & Oil on

paper, 32 x 50’’

#8230. Occupy Wall Street Series: Zuccotti Park, October Morning, 2011  

Acrylic on paper/ 36 x 44 inches (framed)


A work from my Occupy Wall Street Series was exhibited with the

Hullaballoo Collective at the Fountain Art Fair, March 8th, to 10th.

It took place at the historic 69th Regiment Armory, site of the famous

1913 Armory Show that introduced European and American modern art

to the American public.

#78. Mink Hollow-Flat Rock. Oil on canvas, 48 x 36” w

#717, #719.

Cooper’s Lake

Gouache on paper,

4 x 10”ea

2014 -

In April a number of my nature based works were shown in the

Julio Valdez Studio booth at the  Affordable Art Fair, in NYC.

In March, I again participated with the Hullaballoo Collective,

at the Fountain Art Fair.

which was held at at the

69th Regiment Armory, NYC

2013 was an exciting year for me. My solo exhibition The Granny Peace Brigade  was shown at Saint Peter’s Church. It featured 60 feet of paintings and drawings derived from my on–the–scene photos and sketches, documenting the public protests of this feisty group of senior peace activists. Happily, many “grannies” were on hand to sing and celebrate with me.

#191. Mink Hollow: Flat Rock

         Oil on canvas, 48 x  36” w

#8230. Occupy Wall Street: Zuccotti Park, October Morning

Acrylic on paper, 24 x 36”w

#655. Winterberries

#656. Gouache/paper, 6 x 9”                   

#556. Coopers Swamp Trees (dark)

Oil / canvas, 48 x 36”                       

#96. Mink Hollow Stream. Oil/linen 48 x 40”  


Oil on primed paper, mounted on board    30" x 42"w

#457. Cooper Lake Swamp Oil on primed paper, mounted on board, 26 x 40”

Fall/winter  2014/2015  

This work from my new “Balcony Series” made it’s debut at the Sideshow Gallery (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) annual group show  which closed in March.  It’s one of my many small pastels of the Empire State Building and other new (for me) vistas. They are not yet on this website, but If you are on Facebook, you can check out more from this series. Some are included in my Facebook “challenge”. 

ART IN A BOX 2015 : Kingston Garden

I’m always happy to participate in the annual

Art in a Box  benefit for children at risk,

which assists this worthy organization in helping children around the world, through art.


In January, 2015 my Sebastopol Field

watercolor was included in


AIDS benefit, held at the

Luhring Augustine Gallery in Chelsea

Dorland Mountain, a watercolor/ink drawing

was shown at the Art Student’s League-sponsored exhibition at the Manhattan Borough President’s Office.

I painted at the League years ago, and am

happy to still be affiliated with this great school,  Many larger works from this series are shown in the Canyon Series portfolio here on this site.


A wonderful email conversation *with the “Art Book Guy” Michael Corbin made me

think anew about my art- and I am honored that he names me one of the

101 SUPER HOT ARTISTS  for 2015” (see ( . * To “eavesdrop” on our conversation: link to

Michael’s website also has a trove of information about the art world, collecting, dealers, news, books, and other "cool stuff”


So far this year…

I started the year

by participating

in the Invitational exhibition at the NoHo /M55 Gallery

in Chelsea.

2016  Sideshow Gallery, Nation  Thru the Rabbit Hole,

Williamsburg, Brooklyn , January 9- April 10 

was reviewed by Piri Halasz in her blog (An Appropriate Distance)  FROM THE MAYOR’S DOORSTEP


“Regina Silvers has a great       

sense of humor. She puts it to

the service of social comment in

two delightful pastels of elderly

women anti-war protesters,

“Granny Peace Brigade Series:

#SG20 Indicted, and

#SG25 Downtown Rally”.

                                                Piri Halasz

#679. Kingston Garden, Gouache on paper, 5.5 x 9.25”

Blue Weed #271 

Acrylic on paper.

24 x 18”

Coming up…

May 11– May 23, 2016   New York City Fair, Osaka Japan 

Nine pieces of work, from my Cooper’s Lake , Weeds and Wildflower, and Granny Peace Brigade series, will be on view as part of the HPGP Gallery Exhibition

January 9 – April 10, 2016

Thru the Rabbit Hole  at  the Sideshow Gallery Nation, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

This renowned annual exhibition was reviewed by Piri Halasz

in her blog (An Appropriate Distance)  FROM THE MAYOR’S DOORSTEP

Wonderland In Williamsburg: Timperio’s Magnum Opus,  

# SG20 Indicted

Pastel on paper, 12 x 9”

            For inquiries or further information, please contact me ––

            Regina Silvers  

            White Street Studio  

            50 White Street, New York NY 10013   

            212.941.7262    212.219.1388    


#3SG23. Peace Plank Rally, Pastel on paper, 9 x 12”

#722. Coopers Lake, Gouache on paper, 3.5 x 12”


March 25 – 29, 2015   The Affordable Art Fair

Here are a few examples of work I showed at the Julio Valdez Studio booth

in the  Metropolitan Pavilion 

#593. Tiger Lilies

Acrylic on canvas,

19 x 24”w